The Power Gap

Project Description:

Script for an information film for political think tank Demos.

Northern Gallery for Contemporary Art commissioned an exhibition entitled Think Tank: a Marketplace of Ideas, where the UK’s leading political think tanks collaborated with the country’s top designers to imagine how we might create a better nation.  Demos teamed up with creative agency Airside, to introduce and explain the results of a statistical survey on power in 21st century Britain.  I was asked to develop and write a script for a short animated film.

The film had to appeal to an audience unfamiliar with Demos’ work, and therefore needed to be entertaining and involving.  My script communicated the survey’s main concepts and practical significance of the survey, while presenting the subject of power in a historical context.

I also worked on aspects of the production: developing sound FX and co-directing voice-over recording sessions.

“...took a really complicated subject and made it understandable to a much bigger audience.”
Peter Harrington - Head of Communications, Demos

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