Intel: Moblin

Intel: Moblin

Project Description:

Scripts for three information films for Intel's netbook and mobile operating system, Moblin.

Moblin is a Linux-based Operating System (OS) specifically designed by Intel for Netbooks - small, lightweight laptops. Intel approached creative agency Airside to produce a number of animated information films about benefits of their product, aimed at Netbook manufacturers.  Airside asked me to help develop and write the scripts.

Though the main purpose of the films was business-to-business, Intel also wanted the films to have energy and humor that would appeal to the end customer and stimulate demand for Moblin as a standard pre-installed OS.

After meeting with the designers at Airside and the Moblin marketing team to establish what technical information needed to be communicated and decide on the approach of each film, I then created two scripts: Moblin 2.0 for Netbooks – a basic introduction to Moblin; and A Day in the Life with Moblin
a character-based film showing the benefits of Moblin in everyday life. 

Following the success of the initial films, I wrote a third script Moblin 2.1 for MIDs
highlighting the benefits of Moblin, on mobile internet devices (MIDs).

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