Virgin Atlantic: Everyday Pioneers

Project Description:

Script for an information film communicating Virgin Atlantic’s brand values to its staff.

Transatlantic airline operator Virgin Atlantic approached UK creative agency Airside to create a short animated film that would remind its staff of the company’s nine distinct values and overarching brand theme of “everyday pioneers”. Airside asked me to write a script for a three-minute animation.

The script needed to be funny and irreverent in keeping with the Virgin Atlantic brand, whilst also conveying its serious commitment to passengers’ safety and wellbeing. My script told the story of each value, through fictionalized versions of the company’s various departments, with the everyman figure of the mailman providing a link between each scene. 

After successful internal screenings for the entire Virgin Atlantic staff, the film has now been released to the general public. 

Project Info:

Type: Video

Client: Virgin Atlantic

Agency: Airside

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