Bleacher Report: 2010 World Cup

Bleacher Report: 2010 World Cup

Project Description:

World Cup blogger for sports website

Bleacher Report is an online sports magazine driven by fan-generated content. It publishes over 500 new articles a day, many of which are syndicated to, Hearst Newspapers, Los Angeles Times, and other leading media outlets.

During the 2010 World Cup in South Africa, the site needed to ensure a steady flow of new articles to take advantage of the increased US interest in soccer and attract advertisers.  

I was hired on a six-week contract to write three to four articles a day on the tournament, from match previews and live reports to feature articles on World Cup history and off-the-pitch interest stories. 

The 154 articles I wrote over a six-week period received over 460,000 reads and I was the top rated writer in Bleacher Report’s Soccer section.

Bleacher Report’s World Cup coverage broke the site’s previous visitors record, with 5.5 million people viewing the site during the final week of the tournament. 

The World Cup-specific newsletter had 80,000 subscribers, which was the largest number for any of Bleacher Report’s concurrent sports newsletters.  

I was also asked to contribute two features that were syndicated to online men’s health and fitness magazine Ask Men, which is read by over 10m people every month.

Project Info:

Type: Web

Client: Bleacher Report

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